New Members to the Academic Integrity Council

IDAT is pleased to welcome Dr Patrick Pheasant, Dr Aleksander Voninski and Dr Jim Tognolini to the Academic Integrity Council.

The role of the Academic Integrity Council is to advice the administration and board of the International Diagnostic and Admissions test on quality, integrity in testing, product development and charitable and community works.

IDAT is so pleased to welcome these prestigious members to the AIC and welcome their input into making our test better and better.

Dr Aleksandr Voninski

Alek has provided leadership, engaging strategy, and expert consulting to the international education sector over the last 20 years. He is Partner at Edified, an Australian-based education industry consulting firm that provides strategic consulting, solutions and results-driven projects for universities and organisations across the Asia-Pacific region. For over a decade, he held senior positions across International, External Relations and Strategy portfolios at the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), as well as several years in senior marketing positions within Study Group in Australia and China. In addition, Alek has held leadership positions in the AUIDF, the Go8 International Directors forum and co-authored the IEAA Employability Guide (2020 ed.). Alek has a depth of education sector experience offshore, with over a decade of working in China and Japan in addition to university admissions experience in the US. He holds of Doctor of Education from the University of Southern California.

Dr Patrick Pheasant

NEAS Australia is a global leader in quality assurance for the English Language Teaching (ELT) sector. In the role of CEO, Dr Patrick Pheasant brings 25 years’ experience in applying drama, TESOL and teacher training methodologies across multiple education sectors around the world. Patrick has extensive experience in change management and completed his PhD research at the University of Sydney in using process drama in ELT. Patrick is a past Director at the University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching, Vice-President of the University English Centres of Australia (UECA) and past Convenor of the NEAS Advisory Council.

Professor Jim Tognolini

Jim Tognolini is currently Professor and Director of the Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment (CEMA) at the University of Sydney and Managing Director of JT Educational Consulting Pty Ltd.

He is also Professorial Fellow at Wollongong University (Australia) and Adjunct Professor of Education at the University of Western Australia.

As part of his role as Director of CEMA at the University of Sydney he is responsible for designing and delivering Units of Study on Assessment Literacy and Data Literacy within the Master of Education course as well as designing Professional Learning modules for teachers. The Centre also provides academic leadership in building research capacity, scholarly inquiry, curriculum and consultancies in the educational measurement and assessment area.

From 2006 to 2016 he was Senior Vice President (Research and Assessment) at Pearson and for the last 2 years of that appointment he was the Distinguished Research Scientist for the Pearson Assessment Centre (PAC).

From 2002 to 2006, Jim was Research Director (System and School Testing) at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

He has extensive experience in liaising with representatives at all levels of government and educational organisations within Australia and overseas on assessment, standards and particularly the use of measurement information in informing system level planning; monitoring of standards; and, utilising data for improving school level teaching and learning.

He has given numerous keynote addresses and seminars in countries that include Singapore, Hong Kong, The United Arab Emirates, India, Jordan, New Zealand, Oman, South Africa, Indonesia, China and Thailand.

From 2009 to 2013 Jim was in residence as a Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment during part of each year and is an active participant in the workshop programme of the Centre.

Jim Tognolini has been responsible for establishing assessment Centres at the University of New South Wales (The Educational Testing Centre); Oxford University (The Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment); the University of Western Australia (The Pearson Psychometric Laboratory); The Government of India (The Centre for Assessment, Evaluation and Research (CAER)); The Government of the United Arab Emirates (The Centre for Educational Testing, Measurement and Evaluation (CETME)). He has been a previous Chair and still a member of the NESA HSC Consultative Committee and is also on its Technical Advisory Committee.

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