Changes to IDAT in 2024!

We are pleased to announce that quality review processes for IDAT have led to some positive changes for our schools and students.  With constant feedback processes in place for students and schools, IDAT continues to strive to fine tune our assessments to better meet the needs of international school admissions. 

The Academic Integrity Council for IDAT was pleased to consider feedback from schools and a major change to the format of the written test has now been implemented.  Many schools have indicated that they prioritise students’ writing skills over their time management capabilities.  As such, students now have a choice of one of two writing tasks and have more time to complete said task.  It is hoped that with less worry of time management, schools can view better samples from the students completing the assessment. 

This has not meant a change in the preparation process or the outcomes for the IDAT.  The curriculum remains the same, but students have greater choice in what they will write about.  This should allow students to focus their replies and spend more time on the task. 

We are always open to ideas from our partners, and we look forward to continuing to see test results accurately reflect students’ written capabilities. 

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