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The IDAT has 6 Stages based upon the year of study. For schools looking at more than language for admissions, this is the test to use. The IDAT tests English and ESL, mathematics, logic, and a global knowledge component for which students can study and prepare for. In addition to this, there is a character self-assessment for students, which demonstrates to future schools a student’s views on attributes such as Communication, Risk-taking, and Empathy. Not only can schools get a benchmark of where the student is at compared to global curricula, but they can also get to know the student by watching the video interview conducted with state-of-the-art avatar technology. Each student is interviewed and recorded talking to a digital avatar that ‘gets to know’ the student. This allows the IDAT to assess speaking and the new school to see the attitude, demeanour and energy of each student in a non-threatening environment.


Security and identity are paramount to IDAT’s success and reliability. IDAT is committed to security and accuracy from its test. Students are subject to two layers of identification checks. All students are scanned using up-to-date secure facial recognition software, as well as having their ID (passport or official government ID) scrutinised and verified by the testing centre. At three separate and random points during the testing procedure, the student is required to log in again with facial ID. This is to ensure and secure that only the student appointed to the test is completing the questions. The same facial ID is used for students to view results.
For further reassurance, schools have access to watch the online avatar-interfaced interview.

The IDAT testing system, website and database are maintained on high-security servers which are backed up and secured with the latest technology to ensure no breaches of data or opportunities for outsiders to alter results. By requiring schools to log in to see results, we also ensure that students cannot alter test results themselves before distributing them to schools.


The IDAT test is presented at random from a large pool of questions. No student will receive the same test twice. The test is updated on a rotating basis every four months and so the material is always fresh, up-to-date and relevant for modern schools.

IDAT helps students to prepare so that there are no ‘unknowns’ about the test, as the IDAT seeks to accurately portray not only proficiencies but also how well a student can prepare and study for a test. As our security is onerous, we provide schools with the assurance that only the student registered to take the test is participating on test day without assistance, aid or unfair advantage.

There are training tests and test preparation material available online for students and guidance on how to prepare for each section. As the IDAT grows and prospers, there will be more and more material available for students to use to prepare for the test including complimentary and for-fee training materials.


Tests can be booked easily and conveniently online through our portal or through partner schools. Results are typically available within two working-days of testing, and students can review results and send interviews to their schools at that time.

The registration and booking process for students is fast, convenient and reliable as IDAT seeks to make things as simple as possible in this fast-paced global world.


IDAT submits the test to rigorous scrutiny from external parties and partners to ensure the levels are appropriate to grades and years across the globe. The IDAT Academic and Integrity Advisory Council is a team of experts in international education who seek to guide the IDAT’s strategic and global direction.

Please see our page on benchmarking, validation and endorsement to see more about IDAT’s commitments to quality.

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