Any student between the ages of 5 and 19. If you are above the age of 19 or younger than 5, you cannot register for the test.

Hit the link to book a test and go to the relevant page. Tell IDAT where you are and where you want to take the test, and IDAT will inform you of what test location to use.

It is imperative for test security for IDAT to know that only students take the test. IDAT needs to know the details of official government ID to make sure that a student registers only for the relevant age-group to which they belong.

All tests are charged in US dollars. You can pay via Epay, through your education agency or via cash transfer to relevant banks in countries where available.

IDAT and their test centres may make special arrangements and/or give special consideration to students with recognised hearing, visual or other impairments. Students should submit requests for special arrangements in writing to info@idat.org with “Special Arrangement Request” in the subject BEFORE booking the test. Requests must be made 21 working days in advance. Students may be required to submit medical proof of conditions to support request.

Click this link to see what happens on the test day.

All scores will be received within 2 working-days.

The interview is designed for schools to ‘get to know’ students and is available only to schools which students will attend or have applied to.

A student and their parents can see a score summary, but only schools which students have nominated or which have booked the test can see interviews and full results. Only results viewed online on the IDAT website are valid and guaranteed for validity. Any screenshots or printed paper is not an official results page.

Students who register on their own can nominate up to three schools to view their scores and interviews. Any student who is registered through their own school with bulk registrations will find that only the school who did the booking may view the scores. You can contact IDAT at the ‘contact us’ page to pay for or see if there is an option to show other schools (for a fee). Any student who takes the test for a school and uses their bulk-order pricing, will not be allowed to share the results with a third-party school.

Visit the “Contact us” page to send IDAT any complaints or feedback you have. IDAT takes security and customer service very seriously and will endeavour to reply within two working-days.

Within five business days of receiving test results, students may appeal the results and submit for re-marking. The request must be submitted in writing to info@idat.org with “Test Appeal” in the subject line.

The Appeal fee is $200 USD for re-marking and the entire test will be submitted for re-marking. This process may take up to ten business days to complete. Should any changes or revisions be made to the test score, there will be a re-issuance of results. The new results will be subjected to the same terms and conditions as the original results and may be sent to up to three schools.


IDAT may, in its sole discretion, offer you a refund for any testing fees where you have registered and paid any testing fee directly to IDAT. Full refunds are only offered where:

A. You change your mind no less than 14 full calendar days prior to your scheduled test date;


B. If you are unable to take the scheduled test due to illness (and with a provided medical certificate), you may check your handbook to make sure the absence is in accordance with IDAT policy.


Students may postpone or change their test booking by retrieving online bookings and making change requests within 7 business days of the scheduled test.


Students may cancel their IDAT test booking with a minimum of 7 business days prior to the scheduled test. Please go online to retrieve the appropriate cancellations forms. With more than 7 days’ notice, credit will be given for another test to be booked, but no student is eligible for a refund. With less than 7 days’ notice, the student is not eligible for credit or refund. If there are medical or extenuating circumstances, they may be considered on merit or compassion by writing to info@idat.org with “Test Cancellation” in the subject line. Any refund considered will be minus a 20% administration fee and subject to bank fees and currency rates.

Please make sure you have used the GOOGLE CHROME web browser and it has been updated to the latest version.

Please re-open the test website and log back in. The system will bring you back to the question of where you dropped out. Countdown on times will NOT be stopped, therefore, please log back in as soon as possible.

You CANNOT go back to your previous question. Once you have submitted your answer and you will NOT be able to see it again. If you click the backward button, just REFRESH the page and you will be fine.

It could be caused by fluctuations in the internet connection; however, it rarely happens during the test. If your screen is frozen:

  • In the writing section, refresh the page and click “submit” again.
  • In the interview section, refresh the page, re-record your answers and then submit again.
  • All other sections, refresh the page, re-select your answer and then submit again.