IDAT Secure 360

Why Choose IDAT Secure 360

Unlocking Opportunities: Admissions Awakened

The IDAT Secure 360 allows students to take fully-proctored admissions and diagnostic tests from home, eliminating the need for physical travel. Innovative and secure, IDAT Secure 360 offers the opportunity to continue the admissions process, accessing a broad student pool from around the world. 

The IDAT Secure 360 is a truly revolutionary and fully-comprehensive method of assessment of students of all ages. Students can demonstrate their language proficiency and aptitude in all four macro-skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), as well as show their ability in other key learning areas, such as mathematics, logic, and general knowledge. 

This holistic approach to evaluating students provides numerous advantages, empowering educators and schools to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the student’s overall academic achievements and potential. This enables schools to customise instruction and learning support which fosters individualised learning and academic advancement.

How IDAT Secure 360 Works

Unleash Potential from the Comfort of Home

Before the test, the IDAT IT team help to set up the computer and mobile phone. The computer webcam faces the student taking the exam; and the mobile phone is placed behind the student.

The IDAT IT team carefully checks the cameras and the testing system to ensure they are functioning properly before the student starts their test. The test room is continuously monitored by both cameras: the computer’s webcam and the mobile phone’s camera. Throughout the test, the cameras remain active, allowing the IDAT proctor to simultaneously monitor the feed from both devices. Additionally, both audio and video are captured and securely stored on the server for three months for the full IDAT and 7 days for the video-proctored IDAT Concise.

IDAT Secure 360 Testing Instruction

Prepare for the test

IDAT Secure 360 System Setup

Experience the test setup now to familiarise yourself before test day

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