Mission, Vision and Values

The IDAT was created by educators for educators. IDAT Pty Ltd is committed to giving back to education through research, scholarships and advancement.  There was a need for a global test which could help schools really know the whole student.  In a world where students and families move from country to country, school to school, and across global curricula, schools and admissions needed to know what students already knew, who they were, how they learn and how effectively they can study and prepare for assessments.

Thus, the IDAT was created.  While there is never a perfect assessment for all situations, the IDAT is a comprehensive way to get to know students and to help schools help students. There is no longer a need for schools to spend 2-3 months with a new student in the classroom, trying to work out how to best help this student and what the student already knows.

The IDAT allows students and schools to assist and create supported learning from the first day. It really is ‘where excellence begins’.


Assessing the whole child to enhance teaching, learning and admissions for all schools and students.


Excellence, fairness and reliability in diagnostic and admissions test for students across the globe.


IDAT endeavours to accurately assess students and their attributes, knowledge and skills so that schools can identify strengths and areas of improvement, and every student can achieve his/her potential.

Through global benchmarking, external validation and mapping exercises, the IDAT will meet the needs of students and schools across the globe who endeavour for excellence in education.

IDAT will use the latest technology to ensure test security and identification verification systems are the most up-to-date.  In a world of digitally literate students, it is important for accuracy in testing that students be tested through digital platforms.

IDAT will invest in education, research and advancement to continually improve the quality and accuracy of the testing processes, procedures, platforms and results.

IDAT is created by educators.  IDAT, as a company, will endeavour to give back to education through research, scholarships and advancements.

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