IDAT for Scholarship Students



The International Diagnostic and Admissions Test for Scholarship Students (IDATSS) is a unique and comprehensive way for schools to assess the academics, character, and critical thinking skills of students applying for scholarships. 

The advantage of the IDATSS, is that is available everywhere and as the test is ever-changing and updating, schools can know about students’ true skills, knowledge and abilities and not be curtailed by simply how well students have crammed and prepared for other known and more popular tests.  The IDATSS is a true assessment of student’s abilities and capabilities.

The IDATSS can be done using IDAT Secure 360 in a completely secure proctored environment in a student’s home or through school proctoring on campus.  The school is the only one who will receive student results.    To use IDATSS, schools need to register with IDAT at which time testing dates, parameters and information can be shared via schools to students and parents.

The IDATSS uses the same format as the regular IDAT or IDAT for IB.  It includes Critical Thinking qualitative analysis by our test assessors like the IDAT for IB.  It can include or exclude interviews, as requested by the schools.

The pricing of the test depends upon school requirements (which sections they require), testing conditions and test volume.

“IDAT’s curriculum-informed diagnostic testing that is benchmarked to ensure levels are appropriate to the student’s current grade and the ability to assess critical thinking skills of applicants has given us a reliable and comprehensive assessment of our scholarship applicants in a completely online environment.”


Brad Fry, Principal | Tintern Grammar Ringwood, VIC Australia

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