IDAT is recognised by the Victorian Department of Education & Training

The International Diagnostic & Admissions test has been officially recognised by the Victorian Department of Education & Training (VIC DET)  For students applying to public high schools through the VIC DET an achievement of 80% or above on their English assessment in the IDAT will be seen as meeting the English language requirements for the study. 

There are approximately 120 accredited secondary schools in Victoria, Australia which are available to international students who choose to study as part of an International Student Program. Students can choose the subjects and extra-curricular they prefer and will be placed in the right year level for their age and abilities.  There are co-ed, single-sex and special educational programs for students across the state.  All schools hosting international students go through a rigorous accreditation process undertaken by the Department (DET) in regard to program provision, accommodation, reporting and welfare arrangements.

Victoria is one of the most populous states in Autralia and is known for its arts and cultural diversity. It hascaptivating mountain ranges, beautiful landscapes, impressive coastlines and underground caves.

The capital city of Victoria, Melbourne is a metropolitan city with a lot of offer international students. When it comes to education, Victoria has a lot to offer. In 2023, QS ranked the capital city of Victoria, Melbourne, as the fifth best student city in the world. This ranking was on the basis of the reputation of universities, quality of living, the student mix, affordability and employer activity.

The top universities in Melbourne offer a wide range of courses in the fields of science, technology, creative arts or humanities. Whereas, regional Victoria focuses more on offering courses like forestry and education, agriculture and more.

For more information on applying to and choosing a school in Victoria please visit the Study Victoria website:


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