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IDAT入学考试 您的明智之选


A diagnostic test is a form of assessment that occurs before learning or a new educational experience. The purpose of the diagnostic test is to determine the student’s current levels in maths and English. Through this diagnosis, it becomes evident which aspects of maths and English the student has already learnt and committed to memory, compared to their peers and various international curricula. Essentially, the diagnostic part of the test will reveal what a student has already learnt up to this point of their education journey.

The admissions portion of the test allows schools to know how ‘classroom ready’ the student is for a mainstream class conducted in English. Following the diagnostic part of the test, the student will also be interviewed to gain an understanding of their attitude towards the classroom, learning, self-development, educational environments and confidence level. The admissions portion of the test includes subject-based tests, for which students are asked to prepare. In this way, a student can demonstrate their ability to study and commit information to memory, which is also a part of global curricula and knowledge in science, geography and history. There is also a logic or reasoning section of the test that provides an analysis of the student’s capacity to understand concepts and think critically. All these factors create a holistic picture of the student and demonstrate their readiness for the classroom.

When combined, a diagnostic and admissions test serves two purposes: For new applicants to schools, it helps the school to understand whether the student meets their selection criteria or what assistance the student may need to achieve those criteria; for new students at a school, it helps the school, teachers and administration staff to identify specific strengths and weaknesses so that tailored support can be provided, enhancing learning opportunities for each individual student.

The IDAT is quickly becoming internationally recognised by schools as the must-have diagnostic and admissions test. IDAT is an official Global Sponsor of the International Baccalaureate conferences, and there are more than 4,000 IB schools around the world. The IDAT team have a worldwide reputation for educational excellence.

With results that are reliable and complete the diagnosis of the whole student, the IDAT is a way to simplify admissions for schools everywhere.



IDAT organises regular events to serve our partner schools. IDAT provides a platform for prestigious schools, quality education agents and future families to meet and connect. We encourage each party directly involved in this process, and we aim to create the most transparent communication system for our valued partners. IDAT has a mature marketing connection globally, especially in Asian countries, and assists education providers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and United Kingdom.

IDAT提供了多种支持学校的服务,包括在线上和线下营销推广模式。 我们与强大的代理商网络共享营销资源,同时为通过我们的平台介绍合作学校提供了机会。

Since IDAT was founded, it has maintained cooperative relationships with many schools around the world. Our excellent examination products and active marketing activities attract more schools, provide strong support for achieving improved academic results, and cultivate outstanding students of the future. We work conscientiously to increase brand awareness of the IDAT and schools which accept the IDAT. Through increased awareness, we promote your school and our assessments around the world as a value-add service for schools who choose to recognise the IDAT.

The range of events and activities arranged by IDAT include:

  • 线上院校培训会
  • A global annual meeting, providing schools with a yearly marketing report and potentials for future development. IDAT updates will also be shared during the webinar.

  • Overseas exhibition for schools:
  • A forum for schools to meet potential students and their families directly, allowing schools to build a solid relationship from the beginning when promoting their school.

  • 线上代理与院校交流会
  • 线上院校与家长交流会
  • Online promotion via social media platforms
  • 院校校长教育研讨会
  • 教育专家网络研讨会



Schools, teachers, registrars and principals are very busy people. They have multiple levels of accountability to students, parents, boards, and their local community. The amount of paperwork, reporting and benchmarking means there never seems enough time in a term, week or day to get everything finished. There is always more to do as teaching, innovation and learning adapts and changes to the world around us.

Admissions and new students create an interesting dichotomy. While it is wonderful to have new students, it is difficult to know if they are right for a school or what they already know and are capable of. Testing, interviews, checking previous schools’ transcripts and navigating different cultures and systems, mean that it is often well into a term before a teacher can thoroughly assess what a student has already learnt as well as their strengths and weaknesses. In the case of selective admissions, it can also result in students’ failure to achieve, or a student who is not sufficiently prepared for being in the mainstream classroom without the support required for success.

The IDAT takes these worries away from the school. In one complete, complex and all-encompassing test and interview, the school gains a full picture of the whole-student: academics, character, language skills. The school can observe the interview without needing to coordinate busy schedules across multiple time zones. It is a complete and total global assessment that sets students up to achieve their own potential.


If you have a selective school (your school does not accept every student who applies but looks for certain characteristics or skills that make students more suitable for learning in your particular environment), then using IDAT as an admissions test will save your school time and energy by providing an independent, third-party test to assess students’ compatibility with your school. Schools can use the students’ test results to discover which applicants are better suited for achieving their full potential in their school. Fundamentally, it is about helping to find the right student for the right school. Using the IDAT to decide whether students have the required skills, knowledge base, aptitudes and attitude to succeed in the school they have applied to, ultimately helps schools to simplify their application process.

For all schools, the IDAT provides guidance to teachers, counsellors, student services, and other key staff on what kind of support students will require once they commence their studies in mainstream classes. The test results will uncover each student’s strengths, weaknesses, attitude, and learning style, enabling personalised support. By using the IDAT, the student can start on their first day with the appropriate level of support already in place. This ensures that classroom time is used more efficiently, minimising situations where student’s needs are not adequately met.


If your school would like to use this test for overseas applicants, simply direct students, agents and/or parents to IDAT.org where they can book a test for the student, nominating your school as the school to receive the test results upon test completion.

It is suggested that you make sure applicants, agents and other relevant stakeholders have a valid and well-monitored email address for applicants to use to have their results sent to.

Please contact IDAT to join the mailing list and be listed as a school that accepts the IDAT. Your school will also receive more information about the test, training for applicants and access to news and educational workshops conducted by IDAT.

Your school is welcome to add the IDAT details to your application, admissions web page (or other) and prospectus, as required.

  • 成绩向导

  • 查看结果
  • After a student completes the tests, within two working days, the login details and results will be sent to the school’s nominated email address (only official school email addresses can be used as the contact email for test results). The school can log in and view an onscreen summary of all results, which can be printed for school records. These results will be verified by IDAT independently. The school will also be able to access the interview for internal viewing up to a maximum of three times (this limit helps maintain test security). Schools are encouraged to view the test results and interview with the school’s ethos, care and available support services in mind, deciding on each student’s level of readiness and type and degree of help the student may need in the classroom.

One of the significant advantages of the IDAT test is that the test centres are located all over the world. It is more convenient for students to take the exam without geographical limitations. Since the IDAT was established, it has signed contracts with many educational organisations around the world to authorise them as test centres. The whole test is supervised by professionally trained proctors throughout the entire process to ensure the fairness of the test. IDAT is unique in that it can organise testing anywhere in the world, on demand. By using a vast network of IB schools, universities, and the British Council, IDAT can organise a secure proctored test in any city.

All school hosted tests must be conducted at the school. Your school will need to have high-speed, secure internet access and a quiet room where students can clearly hear through headphones. Each school will need laptops or desktop computers with headphones and an attached microphone and camera on the computer. The IDAT will remotely access all of this hardware during the test.

If your school intends to host multiple tests, it is recommended they contact us using the ‘CONTACT US’ link to discuss the IT requirements and security needs for your school.

The other requirement for schools is to provide a reliable staff member to act as proctor for the tests. There is some basic training information for the proctor which the IDAT team will provide.


  • Windows 7/10 or macOS system computer
  • 至少4G内存
  • 高清摄像头
  • 耳机和麦克风
  • 至少50M上行宽带
  • 谷歌浏览器
  • Please note, the test cannot be taken on tablets or mobile phones.

If your school plans to use and deliver multiple tests on a regular basis, you may consider becoming a formal partner of IDAT to secure special pricing. Please contact us at info@idat.org to learn more about bulk purchasing tests, or click on the ‘CONTACT US’ button below.

Schools will also need to make sure that they can gather all the necessary information to register the student for the IDAT, which includes having guardians sign permission forms.

Any school that bulk buys and has a student take the test can be assured that they are the only institution authorised to receive that student’s test results. The student cannot use these results to apply to any other school.


Become a formal partner of IDAT to secure special pricing.