Admissions Continues Even in a World that has Paused

COVID19 has thrown the biggest curveball at international schools that we have ever seen. In the 20th century, international education grew to a global community, but abruptly COVID19 stopped travel and movement and then took our breath away.

However, through all of this, admissions work has continued. It has just become harder for the professionals who pride themselves in finding students and schools that ‘fit’ and helping students from anywhere in the world achieve their potential.

IDAT, which is still only 3 years old, was also thrown for a loop. However, we want all the admissions teams out there to know, we see and know you have not stopped. Your job is harder, recruitment is harder, but your mission is the same: To help the right students find the right schools (which not coincidentally, is an IDAT motto).

IDAT never stopped testing and supporting the industry. IDAT reduced its prices, developed technology to make the test completely secure online to be taken at home and conducted professional development to help its schools through this tough time.  

IDAT wants to continue to help! If you have been considering a new way to test your incoming students, please contact us and find out how we might work together. Please pop us an email ( and we may even have a special gift for new schools who want to try the IDAT!

As the world opens its door, IDAT would like to welcome you and your students back to our global beginnings.

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