“D” is emphasized more than ever!

IDAT is putting the focus on the “D” in IDAT and expanding the diagnostic information provided from our test. From its inception, IDAT has provided lengthy descriptions and diagnostic information about students’ speaking, writing, and listening abilities. For other outcomes from the curriculum, including grammar, vocabulary and all mathematic outcomes, students have been gauged as a percentage of achievement with indications of support levels provided in the classroom.

Our schools wanted more. 

IDAT has always focussed on meeting the needs of the students and schools. Schools have been requesting more diagnostic information for mathematics and other areas language. School teachers and administrators wanted to know, not just if a student needed support, but in which specific knowledge area. IDAT listened.

The IDAT curriculum is readily available online and is made from a comprehensive mapping of the similarities with the UK, Canada, Australian and US curricula. From September 1, 2021, every results page submitted to a school for admissions, will contain an extra information page showing individual outcomes listed from the IDAT curriculum. Every area of the curricula will be listed to indicate if the student has achieved, not achieved or is working towards achieving those specific individual outcomes. This will allow schools to focus and develop support and teaching for students specific to their knowledge gaps.  

IDAT is truly where excellence begins. To start the path to excellence, schools need to know where the student is starting from. IDAT is the way to do this.

Contact IDAT for more information on our improved diagnostics reporting or if you would like to learn more about your school using the IDAT. info@idat.org

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