IDAT赞助IB全球会议| 阿布扎比2019

The 24-26th of October in Abu Dhabi were marked by an exciting reunion of education experts. For three days, principals, teachers, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs met at the IB Global Conference to discuss creative ideas to redesign education across the planet.

此活动是所有有志于帮助学生通过个人发展实现个人抱负的教育者们不可或缺的。 IB会议每年会在全球不同地点举办三届,而我们是第一次在中东举行会议。这次会议聚集了来自多样文化背景的领导人,他们的共同目标是通过教育使世界变得更美好。

Heidi Reid, the CEO of the IDAT, attended the conference talking to schools that were interested in finding effective and efficient solutions for diagnosis and admissions of new students. Mrs Reid also participated in a panel discussion alongside the leaders of Taaleem Schools, one of the largest private education providers for schools students in the Middle East,  discussing the challenges of the holistic approach of teaching and learning.  Heidi Reid was invited to speak as an expert and shared the ideals and innovation of IDAT through presentations on “Benchmarking Beginning Students” and “Assessing Critical Thinking for IB Admissions.”

IDAT is a Global Sponsor of the IB conferences for 2019. The IDAT and the International Baccalaureate share similar values and are committed to providing better education through continuous improvement and innovation.  It was an amazing gathering of great educational minds devoted to developing international education and helping young students to overcome difficulties, boost their strengths and achieve their dreams. The IDAT is always where excellence begins.


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