Preparing for Global Knowledge



The logic portion of the IDAT tests a student’s ability to solve problems.
Types of problems students will have to solve include (but are not limited to):

⦁    Identifying sequences and patterns

⦁    Visualising, describing, and analysing shapes and objects

⦁    Verbal reasoning problems

⦁    Interpreting budgets, costs, timetables

⦁    Evaluating language to find patterns and meaning


A. Tomato
B. Monkey
C. Giraffe
D. Elephant

Answer: A

7, 9, __, 13, 15

A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13

Answer: B


The Social Sciences portion of the test is not only a chance to test students on material that is common for their age and class at the current time, it is also a chance for students to prepare and study content area for the IDAT. Through this portion of the test, schools can ascertain how well a student can prepare for tests and examinations by remembering words, concepts, dates, and data for a formal school test.

Look at the table below for a list of what topics will come up during this test period. The topics and subject areas are updated regularly. Candidates should study these information sheets as questions will be based on the material provided in them.

The areas of content for the Test from November 1, 2022 – February 28, 2023 are as below:


Stage           Science Technology
1 Phases of the Moon Antimalware and Antivirus Software
2 Characteristics of Living Organisms Cyberbullying and Social Media                                     
3 Solar Energy Google Maps
4 The Earth’s Layers Computer Storage
5 The Big Bang Functions of Microsoft Teams and Zoom
6 Acid and Base Reactions            Alternatives to Rare Technology Metals


The areas of content for the Test from March 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023 are as below:


Stage           Science Technology
1 Tools to Weapons Canvas
2 Dog, Man’s Best Friend Social Media Icons                                                
3 SPAM Early Human Tools
4 Irrigation in Ancient Egypt Canva_Adobe Express
5 Iron Monetized Image Sharing of Minors
6 Farming and Diseases            Virtual Private Networks


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