Why IDAT is best for your clients

In a global world, where students rarely complete all their schooling in one city and move from country to country, the support of educational agents has become vital.  Quality agents seek to find the right school for the right students, and IDAT is here to help with that.  By assessing the whole-student, we can help schools and students to know what school and educational setting will best meet the needs of students.

Agents work hard to make the transition from one school or country to another as comfortable and supported as possible for young students.  By working together with IDAT, we can help you to find the right school for the right student.

IDAT is here to help agents help their students prepare for the test, take the test, review their results and get ready for their new life in their new school.

Please contact IDAT to find out more about being a partner. As a partner of IDAT, it may be easier for you to arrange the test for your clients.  Agents can arrange test vouchers, logins and bookings with IDAT and the student receives a test voucher code to use in place of credit card or payment details.


    Becoming a formal partner of IDAT to secure special pricing