Tintern Grammar Uses IDAT for Scholarship Students

IDAT is pleased to announce that we have assisted Tintern Grammar to assess their scholarship applicants. Tintern Grammar is a highly-regarded co-educational school that runs a Parallel Model of education in Melbourne’s East. With over 140 years of history, Tintern prioritises individual pathways and personal growth and prides itself on enabling students to achieve personal excellence, strive with confidence and aspire to create a better world. A scholarship to Tintern opens up diverse and engaging opportunities for the holder and provides breadth and depth to their education. With the extended lockdown in Melbourne, it was not possible to run an in-person scholarship test process. Tintern chose the IDAT as the online test provider and part of their scholarship student selection process for 2021.

Tintern was most interested in the way that IDAT for scholarship students can assess students for critical thinking skills. The IDAT Secure 360 was chosen by Tintern as it created the opportunity to assess students’ academics in a completely secure environment in their own home. With IDAT’s unique technology that allows for two cameras, two microphones and live-proctoring, Tintern was assured that IDAT could provide reliable results.

Brad Fry, Principal, said, “ For Tintern the process of using the IDAT was seamless, IDAT were extremely responsive both to our needs and the needs of our scholarship applicants and the secure 360 testing ran smoothly. This gives us confidence that we can rely on the veracity of the testing results.”

“Tintern had previously used IDAT to assess International student’s readiness to join the School. Their curriculum-informed diagnostic testing that is benchmarked to ensure levels are appropriate to the student’s current grade and the ability to assess critical thinking skills of applicants has given us a reliable and comprehensive assessment of our scholarship applicants in a completely online environment.”

IDAT can use part of or all of their assessment section to assess students across the globe for scholarship applications. Please contact IDAT, if you would like to learn more about using IDAT for Scholarship Students.

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