Alphington Grammar School

18 Old Heidelberg Road, Alphington Victoria 3078
No Boarding
Total number 550
No ELICOS Program
Established year 1989
Tuition fee $29,400-$33,820

About school

Alphington Grammar is a young school on the move. Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics facilities showcase our commitment to providing innovative educational learning spaces integrated with state-of-the-art facilities with access to educators from around the world. This centre will meet the needs of both our primary and secondary students and extend their STEM opportunities in modern, purpose-built facilities. Our new Library and Education Resource Centre comprises multiple zones designed to deliver targeted and unique learning experiences.
The Multifunction Room is equipped with a smartboard and has been designed to accommodate class groups, as well as delivering spaces for quiet reading. The White Zone is a space complete with whiteboard walls and provides a great space for students to brainstorm and collaborate on their learning. Sensory zones have been created to provide quiet reading areas for students. Spaces throughout the library cater for individual study, booths for group work and study zones.
The Primary Zone delivers a space that is a visually engaging and stimulating area, with face-out displays and little nooks that provide our younger students a quiet place to read. As an ELC–12 school, we believe that the development of skills at all stages of life will inspire curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurship. We already have highly able students on accelerated programs such as ASPIRE, the ALPHA Initiative and early entry VCE units who are currently working on projects of their own or partnering with university academics to solve community, humanitarian and global issues. With the aim of creating diverse curriculum offerings that engages learners of all ages, we believe, students at Alphington Grammar will be work ready and able to contribute actively beyond their time at school.